Siam Moon


We are a small hobby cattery centrally located between Phoenix and Tucson Arizona.  Specializing in raising Traditional (Applehead) Siamese and Balinese kittens. They are raised as our pets until they become yours. Our parents are tested againist FeLV and FIV before joining the breeding program and their kittens come with a written health and genetics guarantee. Kittens receive first shots here at 8 weeks old and are parasite free.  Our goal in breeding these wonderful cats has been to get back to the style of cats we knew during the 50's and 60's. We don't ship but our kittens have been happily driven home with their new families to California, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, and even Texas. Reports back have said they traveled like old timers and arrived home pretty much raring to go. I take deposits year round for families wanting specific color/sex combinations. I always have a waiting list so it's best to line up in advance.
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Kittens are born several times a year and there is almost always quite a waiting list, it's best to reserve in advance as the line only grows. I know some people have been confused when told there is a waiting list, and say they will call back later. Later however, the list has grown some more and they become upset. So the time to contact me is when you are just beginning to think about getting a new addition to your fur family. I am a very small breeder and do not have a lot of kittens being born every month, so it can be a wait. I do what's best for my mama cats first and foremost, they are my pets first. Mama cat has to rest and recover between kittens, she needs time to be just a pet and re group and get her strength and stamina back. This helps to insure that Mama has the best health and attitude to raise another litter of kittens. My mother cats are retired early compared to some breeders so that they can be placed in pet homes to retire in comfort and spend the rest of their lives as someone's beloved and spoiled pet. If adding a retired male or female is something you are considering, contact me to be added to that list.

Kittens due in Sept 2016. Taking deposits. Expecting Seal and Chocolate points.

On the last page of this site I have the kitten deposit form, if you want to reserve, this is the form you will use. Print it out, fill out with your contact info and mail to me. Please always feel free to call me with any questions in advance and I can go over the process of reserving. We went to this method years ago as there is always more people wanting a kitten than we have kittens. Just easier to do things this way for everyone. Contact me for deposit details and price of kittens..


We occasionally have breeding quality cats for reputable breeders, and altered  young adults available for pet homes.  If interested contact me for more information.