ACA registered FIV-FeLV negative cattery

::Siam Moon Solo::

~Son of Skywalker and Evie

~Solo is a Seal Pt Balinese. He has a sweet affectionate personality who loves to follow his "Mummy" around the house. Solo's eyes remind me of the sparkling vibrant nature of a flawless sapphire.~

::Glasslipper Tsunami of Siam Moon AKA "Simon"::

~Son of Glasslipper Lou Lou Belle and Bay Blues Dark Winged Duck.

~Simon is a large sized Chocolate Pt Applehead Siamese. He has an affectionate laid back personality.. Like himself, produces large kittens with deep blue sapphire eyes and has a gentle sweet disposition. Mojo carries the long-haried gene and can produce Balinese kittens when bred back to a queen that carries the variant gene.~