::Siam Moon Penny::

                                Daughter of Pyewachet and Mojo 

~Penny is a Blue Pt Siamese who has a strong affectionate connection towards my husband. She is a Traditional Classic Siamese with sublime dark blue eyes. Although Penny can be rather cheeky, she enjoys snuggling up with her favorite person~ 

                                               ::Siam Moon Pearl:

                                  Daughter of Pywachet and Mojo

~Pearl is Lilac Pt Siamese and is every bit a sassy feline who lives up to alpha nature. She can light up any room with her clown like antics.. Her favorite pastime includes playing fetch with any willing participant.~

                                      ::Siam Moon Lolly::

                                Daughter of Skywalker and Greta

~Lolly is a Seal Pt Siamese who has a very sweet personality. She is laid back in nature and enjoys the company of both her human and furry friends. Lolly has large deep colbat blue eyes that are filled with expression and character~ 

                                             ::Siam Moon Destiny::

  Daughter of MyBali Si Oria and MyBali Si Moe

~Destiny is a Seal Pt Siamese who has a sanguine sweet as sugar peronality. She is also happy to just blend in with the crowd and doesn't mind settling into my lap for hours upon end.~

ACA registered FIV-FeLV negative cattery

                                            ::Siam Moon Emmaline::

  Daughter of Skywalker and Scarlet

~Emmaline is a Seal Pt Balinese and is another strong lap cat who produces large friendly attractive charimatic kitties like herself.~